“I Made An Extra $90,463.00 In One Month!”

David K., Independent Floor Dealer, TX

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“Your program is completely out of this world! It takes away every problem when it comes to getting new clients. Thank you!”

Brian I., Independent Dealer, MI

Tim Rea

“I Just Made Over $21,000 From A $300 Marketing Strategy!”

“I stopped wasting $15,000 – $20,000 per month on advertising…And My Sales Went Up!”

Jim, by using your systems, I’ve been able to make the shift to 100% referral and repeat clients. Since I quit traditional advertising, my sales are up this year over last year, plus my margins are a lot higher because I’m not attracting price shoppers anymore. I’m also saving the $15k-$20k I was spending on traditional newspaper and radio. Jim, I’m sure glad to be a part of your program! Thanks!
Tim R., Independent dealer, MN

Mark Bouquet

“We’re Breaking New Sales Records!”

“…our business is growing exponentially. There is no comparison between my company now and before I joined Jim’s Platinum Inner Circle Club. I can’t believe the turnaround here! October 2009 was our busiest month in 20 years. November was our second busiest month. And this month (July, 2010) we are crashing new records!” Sincerely,

Mark B., Independent Dealer, IL

Steve D'Angelo

“My Sales Have Doubled and Tripled!”

Steve D., Independent dealer, AZ


“Our revenue is up 79.3% over last year!”

Michael P., CT (In his showroom with daughter Janine, grandson Rocco, and dog Buddy.)

Jerry Johnson

“I’m Booked Solid For 2 Months!

Thanks for everything, Jim!”
Jerry J., Independent dealer, TX

Marty Kiser and his son Scott Kiser

“I Made $64,779.64 From Just One Of Jim Armstrong’s Strategies!”

Marty K., (right) Floor Dealer, Co-op member

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